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Intestinal Cleanser

This product helps to break down waste buildup in the colon and ensure that it is successfully eliminated. This maximizes and preserves the benefits of detoxification! It provides a mild laxative effect, improves the function of the stomach and liver, increases the absorption of vital nutrients, and decreases the absorption of toxins. In doing so, it also naturally relieves gas.


Breaks down hard encrustation of waste, Removes parasites and worms from the body, Restores the peristaltic action of the colon, Lubricates the intestinal tract, Relieves gas and pains in the bowels, Improves the function of the stomach and liver

Recommended Use:

Take 2-3 capsules twice daily.
$ 19.95 USD


90 capsules


Marshmallow Root, Oregon Grape Root, Yellowdock Root, Butternut Bark Cloves, Fennel Seeds, Ginger Root, Cascara Sagrada

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