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Hormone Balance

This product offers natural hormone therapy in the form of powerful plant extracts. These herbs help support the body’s natural and balanced production of hormones. Rather than replacing these hormones artificially, this product simply provides the precursors your body needs to regulate its own healthy hormone function. Update-Same great product but only 90 count....updated picture to follow asap.


Promotes a healthy menstrual cycle, Relieves symptoms of PMS, Reduces cramping, Supports the body through menopause, Reduces vaginal dryness

Recommended Use:

Take 2-3 capsules twice daily.
$ 29.95 USD


90 capsules


Blessed Thistle Herb, Damiana Leaf, Don Quai Root, Kava Kava, Motherwort Herb, Licorice Root, Black Cohosh Root, Raspberry Leaf, Passion Flower, Cramp Bark, Saw Palmetto Berry, Parsley Leaf, Wild Yam Root

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