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California Doc chooses the Strawberry Laser Lipo

Why he says it's the best

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Interview of Dr. Donald Stokes on The Strawberry Laser

Interviewed by Laser Lipo of Utah on February 12, 2021


Background of Dr. Stokes-
Dr Stokes has over 32 years of providing gentle, precise chiropractic care to establish correct posture and reduce stress.  He has nearly 10 years in medical weight loss and is a Master Certified Trainer for Laser Lipo Body Sculpting.  Dr. Stokes is excited to treat new patients and help heal their pain.  He can see patients for general chiropractic consultation, adjustments, hip, back, shoulder and neck pain.  Dr. Stokes also works to help de-stress all of his patients.
We were all trained here at Laser Lipo of Utah by Dr. Stokes nearly a decade ago and still consult with him for guidance.  We wanted to ask him why he chose to use the Strawberry Laser in his clinic.


Laser Lipo of Utah-


Question- Hello Dr. Stokes. Please tell me a little about you and how you became one of the Nations leading authorities on Laser Lipo Body Sculpting and in particular The StrawberryLaser.


Dr. Stokes-


For years I have heard of the benefits of lasers on the body.  How they speed healing and tissue growth.  My older brother, Dr Harold Stokes, who too is a Chiropractic Physician had been working as a Medical Director for a laser company who was going to introduce a laser for inch loss.  He told me about their new laser and what it was capable of doing as far as he knew.  I resisted the idea that a person could lay on their back for several minutes and get off the table thinner.  It did not make sense.  It sounded too good to be true!  Boy was I wrong.
About a year later while attending my State Associations post graduate license renewal 4 day seminar, I was experiencing a laser to treat muscle and ligament injuries during a demonstration class.  I asked the presenter about lasers for inch loss.  What he told me was filled with research and clinical proof.  It was true, everything my Dr Brother had been telling me which I resisted was factual.  The light from the laser caused a temporary pore to open in the cell wall of the adipocytes (fat Cells) and the contents, water, glycerol and free fatty acids leaked out, the fat cell collapsed because it was drained and people where getting inches thinner.   Wow! What a breakthrough.  Who would not want to use this laser which felt like a warm blanket on the skin during the 10 minute treatments.
I needed one of these lasers.  So I started calling and emailing doctors.  I even leased one of the earlier inch loss lasers.  I read research papers and studies.  I found that there were only a few of these lasers FDA approved. Of all the lasers many where manufactured in the UK.  I had lived in the UK so I contacted them.  One of the manufactures told me when I asked them of their competition, that the inch loss laser they most feared giving them competition was being manufactures in England by Laser Lipo, Ltd and their brand was the Strawberry Laser Lipo.  It was going thru FDA trials and their results were about twice the inch loss with a treatment time about ½ that of the competition.  So I had to wait and only wanted the Strawberry when it was FDA Approved.
I have been using it since the day it was approved and I am so pleased with that decision and the many people whose lives it has blessed.


Laser Lipo of Utah-

Thank you so much for your time and continued guidance. We know how much you have helped grow The Strawberry Laser Lipo brand out here in The States. We wish you all the continued success you definitely deserve.


For more information or to contact Dr. Stokes


Dr. Stokes’ Chiropractic and Laser Clinic is located at

8732 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Floor 2, Los Angeles, Ca  90045




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